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Rare Twelve Caesar: Julius Caesar Gold Aureus “Winged Victory” NGC

Coin History.
Gold Aureus, 8.02g., 21 mm, struck by L. Munatius Plancus, Praefectus Urbis (Urban Prefect), ca. 45 BC.
Obv. C CAES DIC TER, draped and winged youthful bust of Victoria (Victory) right.
Rev. L PLANC PRAEF VRB, sacrificial jug.
NGC graded XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5, this rare artistic style was minted 6 months before he was murdered.

This coin was minted in Rome just prior to the murder and death of Julius Caesar on March 15th of 44 BC. Produced especially for Caesar’s Spanish Triumph in October of 45. The Winged Victory on the obverse in some way showing his prowess and military success- letting his enemies know that he was the greatest military commander of his day. The sacrificial jug on the reverse representing his dedication to the gods and republic. 

L. Munatius Plancus (Master moneyer) aurei were circulated after Caesar’s triumph in October 45 BC. in commemoration of the final defeat over the Pompeians at Munda in 44 BC. This triumph raised eyebrows in that it was the first time a triumph was celebrated for a victory over fellow Romans. This event along with other actions of Caesar probably lead to his assassination several months later by his Senators.

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