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Caligula silver Denarius – Roman History of this ancient coin

Caligula the 4th of the Twelve Caesars was a cruel emperor who was feared and hated by most Romans at the end of his short reign – only three years and 10 months.  He reportedly took special delight in having people tortured to death slowly in his presence. He lived in a lavish but increasingly bizarre lifestyle that emptied the Roman treasury. He had wealthy Romans executed in order to seize their assets. This created many enemies. He would be murdered by one of his bodyguards, a Praetorian officer as he was leaving from a theatrical performance.

Caligula’s laurel-crowned portrait appears on the obverse of his gold aurei and silver denarii surrounded by his titles.

Agrippina the Elder, mother of Caligula, was honored on the reverse.

Gold and silver issues of Caligula are scarce, and in high demand from collectors, especially those determined to complete a set of the “Twelve Caesars” – all the Roman rulers from Julius Caesar to Domitian.

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